Our Story

The Bloody Ballet podcast is hosted by Ryan & Tyler McKinnon, and produced by Mark Manoharan. All 3 are martial arts junkies. Ryan & Tyler are Muay Thai instructors and spend most of their time talking about Muay Thai and fighting. We want to share incredible stories of martial arts from the perspective of the people in Ontario who are embedded in the martial arts community. We hope that the podcast will be a hub for fighters, coaches, athletes, sponsors, promoters, and fans. The podcast is entertaining, enlightening, and an indepth investigation into some of the deeper concepts of Muay Thai and martial arts in general.

The Blog

Ryan McKinnon is the lead contributor to the blog. He has spent over 13 years practicing various martial arts. He has a deep passion for Muay Thai, and spent 5 weeks in Thailand in 2011 training all over the country.

The blog was created to share news and events in the GTA, fight predictions and breakdowns, and Ryan's reflections on martial arts techniques and principles.

Meet the Team

Ryan McKinnon

Podcast Host and Blog Writer

Ryan graduated from York University in 2006. He studied Philosophy like one of his heroes, Bruce Lee. He spends a lot of time teaching and training in Muay Thai, and loves to learn anything he can about martial arts.

Mark Manoharan

Podcast Producer

Mark is a future Humber College graduate in Radio & Broadcasting. He is the technical brain behind the podcast. His services are available for those interested in starting their own podcast.

Tyler McKinnon

Podcast Co-Host

Tyler has been practicing Muay Thai since 2009. He is currently coaching at Lanna MMA in Toronto. His passion and dedication to the sport he loves is felt by everyone who has the chance to talk Muay Thai with him.