Art of War III

Art of War III – Capcity Fight Promotions – Canada War Museum

Art of War III

Capcity Fight Promotions Presents

Art of War III – Capcity Fight Promotions

Canada War Museum

February 23rd, 2019

CapCity Fight Promotions Presents

Art of War III – CapCity Fight Promotions

Canada War Museum

Sanctioned by Muaythai Ontario

Sacha Hijazi, owner and head coach of Ottawa Fight & Fitness put together another stellar card on Saturday night. Sacha’s promotion, CapCity Fight Promotions has hosted 2 previous events at the Canada War Museum, one of the most epic and appropriate places to hold a show. There were originally 12 bouts in total, unfortunately two fights were dropped due to technical issues surrounding documentation that was not submitted to Muaythai Ontario correctly.

There isn’t a show in the province with this level of grandeur. What Sacha Hijazi has done with CapCity Fight Promotions is create an industry standard when it comes to high-level amateur Muaythai promotion and matchmaking. In terms of the way our sport is seen outside of Ontario, events like this serve as a beacon to the international Muaythai world that our province not only has world-class athletes, but world class promotions as well. And our fans are the best!

Below are the results of each bout, with a quick ‘Round-by-Round’ breakdown of the action. The round-by-round breakdown for the main card isn’t recorded in this article, but can be found in a future episode of The Bloody Ballet Podcast, breaking down the last 4 fights of the evening. Stay tuned for that.


Thank you to everyone who helped make Art of War III an exceptional event. Make sure to follow our friends at Capital Combat Parley. Here is a quick recap of the event.

Bout 1 – 71kg ‘C’ Class

Zach Marquez (Kemptville Training Centre) vs Elias Avgoulas (Tristar Gym)

Rd.1 : Lots of poise from both athletes. Trading clean technique. Very calm pace. A testament that athletes are coming to C class better prepared. Marques drops Elias at the end of round 1.

Rd. 2: Zach is hyper aggressive, locking up Elias in the clinch, throwing a barrage of knees into his guard. It looks like the Tristar athlete has more of an MMA base, as he can’t seem to deal with the clinch of Marquez.

Rd. 3: More of the same from Zach. He knows that he just has to maintain a strong defense, and the fight is his. He keeps the fight under his control through his use of the clinch, recognizing that there is very little risk for him. Great performance by both C class fighters.

Result: Zach Marquez wins via Unanimous Decision

Bout 2 – 57kg ‘B’ Class Junior

Hunter Snider (Loyalist MMA) vs Jerrid Allan (Angry Monkey MMA)

Rd. 1: Jerrid Alan controls the action. Lands good knees in the clinch. Boxing is a little stronger. He lands an amazing cross that snaps the head of Hunter Snider back. Lots of clean and efficient technique from Jerrid.

Rd 2: Jerrid Allan ramps up the energy and intensity. Pushes Snider back for almost the entire round. Lots of confidence from Allan as he begins throwing flashy technique in the clinch against Hunter.

Rd. 3: Great push from Hunter Snider to try and steal the round, but it’s too little too late from the Loyalist MMA athlete. Great effort from two exciting junior prospects.

Result: Jerrid Allan wins via unanimous decision.

Bout – 71kg ‘B’ Class

Besmir Krasniqi (Florin’s Martial Arts) vs Greg Pulham (Melbrook Martial Arts)

Result: Fight cancelled

Bout 3 – 170lbs ‘B’ Class (Demo)

Ali Estime (Ottawa Fight & Fitness) vs Frederic Belanger (TKO Fighting Arts)

Rd. 1: Ali lands two groin strikes to Belanger within a minute of each other. A head kick from Ali stuns Belanger for a second. Belanger answers back with a big punch. Pretty even first round,

Rd. 2: Nice counter from Belanger after Estime throws good combo. Frederic keeps looking for the rear uppercut from his southpaw stance. Strong striking from both athletes. Belanger looks well recovered after taking two hard shots in the nuts in round one. Leaping left hook lands at the end of round two for Ali.
Rd. 3: Both athletes throwing with good volume, occasionally loading up on a big punch or a single, strong kick. Ali seems to have the slightly better boxing, and exploits a wide swing from Belanger at the end of the round by staying inside, throwing tight punches that score against Frederic.

Result: Draw


Great painting inside the Canada War Museum

Bout 4– 91kg ‘B’ Class

Christos Georgaras (New Era Combat Sports) vs Victor Nikolajev-Webster

Rd. 1: Victor is the smaller, but quicker of the heavyweight pair in the ring. He uses is rear kick early, and looks to counter Christos’ kicks with his cross. Victor lands a nice jab+cross that appears to daze Christos momentarily. But he gets right back into it, dropped Victor with a low kick to the legs. Then a nice high kick from Victor scores. A failed spinning elbow attempt sees Victor fall to the canvas just before the round ends.

Rd. 2: Intense action begins round two with both men landing strikes. Christos lands a big superman punch that drops Victor quickly, but he’s right back up. You can see that they’ve both slowed down, and are now loading up big single techniques. Nice inside leg kick lands from Christos. Victor attempts to pressure against the ropes, the pair tie up, and hit the mat with Christos on top with 10 seconds before the end of round two.

Rd. 3: Both men exchange leg kicks, then Christos lands a big right. Both land rear swing kicks, with Victor falling. Christos attempts a big cross after catching Victor’s kick, grazing the TKO fighter. Spinning heel kick just scores from Christos. Both men are now visibly exhausted, whiffing at air as they attempt to land the big shot.

Result: Christos Georgaras wins via split decision

Bout – 63.5kg ‘A’ Class

Michael Pham (Golden Pham) vs Alejandro Alvarado (Apex Martial Arts)

Result: Fight Cancelled

Bout 5 – 54kg ‘A’ Class

Natalie Liberatore (New Era Combat Sports) vs Morgane Pouillot (Apex Martial Arts)

Rd. 1: Morgane closes the distance immediately and pressures with boxing. Real nice combinations thrown from both fighters. Natalie countering with leg kicks. Morgane ignores the leg kicks and continues boxing. They tie up in the clinch, and Natalie dumps Pouillot. Lots of volume in this round, and really technical.

Rd. 2: Both begin boxing and scoring with combos. Natalie scores with teep followed by leg kicks. But Morgane returns with boxing. Natalie then begins pressuring Morgane to the ropes, and scores with jab+cross. Then Liberatore starts to backpedal, and scores with her counters. However Natalie hasn’t found that one technique to slow Morgane down. She scores with a body kick and teep. Should be using it more.

Rd. 3: Knee lands for Morgane. Natalie is looking to box, and is landing, but Morgane counters immediately. Morgane begins to land more frequently with hands. Her lead hook is landing successfully.

Result: Morgane Pouillot wins via unanimous decision

Bout 6 – 64.5kg ‘Open’ Class

James Georgiou (Loyalist MMA) vs Remi Tagliarino (Siam No 1 Quebec)

Rd. 1: Kicks are exchanged early. Nice catch & counter from James. Lots of quality leg kicks early from Georgiou. Hammering the lead leg of Remi. Remi shows check before the kicks come, almost to bait James, but he doesn’t go for it. Visible redness on the lead leg of Remi.

Rd. 2: Remi comes out aggressive, and looks to shorten distance from the leg kicks. A few misses from James now when he attempts the leg kick. Landing them, but less frequently. James begins changing levels, and using different techniques to set up the high kick. Remi lands left kick to the body.

Rd. 3: Again, Remi comes out and pressures with hands. James engages wisely by maintaining distance. A short clinch for the first time in the bout. Knees get exchanged. Fighters break the clinch. James goes back to leg kicks and now Remi is showing signs of discomfort in his face when they land.
Result: James Georgiou wins via unanimous decision


Bout 7 – 67kg ‘Open’ Class

Warwick Fulke (N-1 Thai) vs Tony Richards (Real Fighters Gym)

Result: Warwick Fulke wins via stoppage in Round 1

Bout 8 – 150lbs ‘Open’ Class

Joey Dubeau (New Era Combat Sports) vs Jared Carrier (Nova Gym)

Result: Joey Dubeau wins via unanimous decision

Bout 9 – 75kg ‘Open’ Class

Cody Laskar (Westside) vs Adam Edgerton (Real Fighters Gym)


Result: Cody Laskar wins via split decision

MAIN EVENT – Bout 10 60kg MTO Ontario Title

Zach Baldwin (Baldwin’s Muay Thai & Fitness) vs Dan Sopa (TKO Fighting Arts) Rematch


Result: Dan Sopa wins via split decision and is the new Muaythai Ontario 60kg Champion.

Dan Sopa new Muaythai Ontario Champion at Art of War III
Newly crowned 60kg Muaythai Ontario Champion, Dan Sopa is flanked by his head coach at TKO Fighting Arts, Chris Greig, and CapCity Fight Promotions’ Sacha Hijazi

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