Bloodline 5: Rising Stars

Bloodline 5: Rising Stars – Podcast Episode 44

Bloodline 5: Rising Stars – Podcast Episode 44

By Ryan McKinnon
On Saturday August 4th, 2018, Bloodline Fight Sports and MAS Thai Boxing proudly presented Bloodline 5: Rising Stars. Hosted at the L8 Nightclub at 13030 Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Bloodline 5 was easily the hottest (both literally and figuratively) amateur Muay Thai promotion of 2018.

First, an analogy.

According to the American Dog Breeders Association, “developing a bloodline demands that you establish a breeding plan. The first thing a breeder must do is establish those characteristics you wish to see reproduced in the dogs you wish to breed. Secondly, you must develop a keen eye for a dog, in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses from dog to another, with relation to the traits you are breeding for.” To be a champion breeder, you must be inherently aware of Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection. To put it plainly, “only the strongest and most adaptive of the species will survive.”

When it comes to breeding successful Muay Thai athletes, you would look to someone like Kru Chris Kew from Mas Thai Boxing due to his experience as a former fighter, international coach, and high level matchmaker. He has been in the Muay Thai game for a long time. Like any good breeder, he has attended shows, observed the bloodlines of each athlete, and knows the selective process of breeding that each gym uses to create the most ferocious of fighter.

All of Kru Chris’ experience came to fruition on Saturday August 4, when he presented Bloodline 5 to an energetic and knowledgeable crowd at L8 Nightclub in Niagara Falls. The event was unlike anything we’ve seen in Ontario. The open air ring, VIP sections with shisha pipes, a state of the art lighting and sound system, and of course, the fights, were all evidence that the promoter knew what fans wanted in a Muay Thai event.

Canada vs Mexico

Kru Chris brought athletes from Veracruz, Mexico to take part in this special event. Karen Cerbon, Jonathan Godinez, and Marco Fuentes were just a few of the athletes who made the trip from south of the border to battle with Ontario talent. It was a great opportunity for athletes from both countries to get a taste of intracontinental talent, and strengthen Muay Thai relations between Canada and Mexico.

Bloodline 5 demonstrated that an experienced promoter with an eye for detail, good matchmaking, and thinking outside the box can produce an amateur Muay Thai event with all of the characteristics of a professional promotion.


Official Results

  1. Jacob Ordonez (Milton Muay Thai) defeats Ramzi Khatib (Mas) via Unanimous Decision
  2. Christine Best (Melbrook Martial Arts) defeats Linda Majstorovic via Unanimous Decision
  3. Carlos Hernandez (Darkside Muay Thai) defeats Marc Mercier (Mas) via Unanimous Decision
  4. Olivia Moore (Fifth Round Muay Thai) defeats Chase Drussus (Empire MMA) via Referee Stoppage Round 1
  5. Alex Kramp (Mas) defeats Sam Jackson (Scorpion Muay Thai) via Unanimous Decision
  6. Rich Pham (Kombat Arts) defeats Dan Kechego (Mas) via Referee Stoppage Round 3 (Facebook Live)
  7. Maida Masada (Krudar) defeats Crystal Mahabir via Unanimous Decision
  8. Evan Gonsalvez (K1 Kickboxing) defeats Oakar Matt Maung (Krudar) via Unanimous Decision
  9. Jordan Tecson (Mas) defeats Gabe Armstrong (Mas) via Referee Stoppage Round 3
  10. Branson Khemraj (Twin Dragon) defeats Marc Pulmones (Mas) via Unanimous Decision
  11. Jonathan Godinez (Mas) defeats Luqman Kinnarath (Mas) via Split Decision
  12. Brenda Vargas (Lanna MMA) defeats Karen Cerbon (Mas) via Unanimous Decision (Facebook Live)
  13. Stephane Lamarche (N1) defeats Marco Fuentes via Referee Stoppage Round 2 (Facebook Live)
  14. Josimar Tullock (Krudar) defeats Marques Scarfone (Mas) via Referee Stoppage Round 2 (Facebook Live)

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