Bloodline 6

Bloodline Fight Sports 6 Battle In The Bridge

Live Muaythai in Ontario : Bloodline Fight Sports 6 Battle In The Bridge

Sanctioned by Muaythai Ontario

Bloodline Fight Sports 6 Battle In The Bridge

From The Portuguese Oriental Sports Club

Cambridge, Ontario

February 22nd, 2019

February was positioned to end with a ‘bang’ when Bloodline 6 went down in Cambridge on the 23rd. The popular amateur Muaythai promotion continued to follow in its tradition of matching some of Ontario’s best amateur muaythai athletes together. However, the first competitive event of the Muaythai Ontario calendar year served as a lesson to many of the athletes in the province about some of the challenges associated with medical documentation.

The usual energy that a Bloodline show is known to generate was slightly lacking this time around, due to the amount of bouts that had to be turned into ‘demos’ because athletes didn’t have all of their documents in order. This raises a lot of questions over how fighters/coaches/fight coordinators/promoters are dealing with medical documentation for Muaythai Ontario. It seems incorrect blood tests are part of the problem. Another issue is lack of attention to an athlete’s Muaythai Ontario passport/profile, which tells them when their medical and membership are due to expire.

Demo fights aside, the event still excited local fans, and out-of-towners who made the trip to support their fighters. There are a number of bouts from Bloodline 6 that fans definitely want to see again as sanctioned bouts.

We are looking forward to Bloodline Fights Sports’ next event. Chris Kew of MAS has a unique gift for putting together some of the most talked about fights on Ontario soil.


Bout List

Bloodline 6 Bout List
Bloodline 6 Bout List

Main Event

*Stefan Dronjak (Red Corner – MAS) vs Ricardo Fernandes (Blue Corner – Red Tiger)

Result : Fight Cancelled

Co-Main Event

Olivia Moore (Fifth Round) vs Mabel Yosahandy Gomez Alcazar (Red Tiger) – Junior A class 119lbs

Result: Olivia Moore wins by unanimous decision

Bobby Whitaker (Fifth Round) vs Mark Ayhe (Krudar) EXHIBITION

Josh Bell (MAS) vs Lee Murdock (Legacy) EXHIBITION

Luqman Kinnarath (MAS) vs Michael Bianchi (M1) – A Class 132lbs

Result: Michael Bianchi wins by unanimous decision

Daniel Avram (MAS) vs Najeen Nicco (The One Muay Thai) – C Class 178lbs

Result: Najeen Nicco wins via unanimous decision

Jesse McPhee (London Muay Thai) vs Chris Coates (Darkside Muay Thai) EXHIBITION

Jordan Tecson (MAS) vs Odie Hawil (Diamond Muay Thai) EXHIBITION

Kaden Pablovic (Diablo Muay Thai) vs Daniel Kilcullen (Legacy Fight Club) EXHIBITION

Marc Pulmones (MAS) vs Branson Khemraj (Twin Dragon) EXHIBITION

Zen Bruckschwaiger (London Muay Thai) vs Santino Tersigni (M1) – C class 156lbs

Result: Santino Tersigni wins via split decision

Alison Skinner (MAS) vs Jayde Ingersol (Legacy Fight Club) EXHIBITION

Jake Jervis (Fifth Round) vs Will Haid (Circa Fit) CANCELLED

Kim Detlor (MAS) vs Julianna McDermott (Diamond Muay Thai) – C Class 119lbs

Result: Julianna McDermott wins via unanimous decision

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