Kru Jeff Harrison and Burklerk Pinsinchai

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 53: Kru Jeff Harrison


Kru Jeff Harrison New Era Combat Sports

Landsdowne Fights November 24th, 2018


Kru Jeff Harrison with his New Era family
Kru Jeff Harrison with his New Era family

Kru Jeff Harrison is a former fighter in Muaythai, Kickboxing and MMA. Today he is the owner of New Era Combat Sports, and coaches a thriving stable of amateur and professional athletes in a variety of disciplines.

Kru Jeff has a wealth of information to share when it comes to the growth of Muaythai, the philosophy of fighting, coaching, and how the principles of martial arts parallels closely with life.


He will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of New Era with Live at Landsdowne an amateur Muaythai show, on Saturday November 24th, 2018. Get your tickets at, and search for Muaythai: Live at Landsdowne. Money will be raised for

If you are in the Ottawa or Kanata areas, visit New Era Combat Sports and experience training with high caliber athletes at a world class facility.

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