Michael Fitzpatrick

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 52: Michael Fitzpatrick


Michael Fitzpatrick enjoying some downtime in Thailand
Michael Fitzpatrick enjoying some downtime in Thailand

Michael Fitzpatrick is one of Canada’s best Muaythai exports to the world. A 3x Canadian champion, he has captured titles under Muaythai Ontario and the WKF. Also a prolific fighter, Michael once competed 20 times in a single year, beating some of Canada’s and the world’s best athletes in the sport. There are few people at home or abroad who can boast a resume like Fitzpatrick’s. His last bout on Canadian soil was a 3 round war against Thomas Raby at the inaugural Cold Warz event on December 9th, 2017. The bout left fans satiated, and desperately begging for a third fight between the pair of young guns.



Mike made his first trip to Thailand at the age of 15. By 19 years of age, he was competing under the bright lights of Lumpinee Stadium, the Mecca of Muay Thai internationally. Only a select few athletes can dare to be so bold, and talented enough to step over the top rope of the sacred temple of Muay Thai.

Lumpinee Stadium

On March 3rd, 2018, Michael fought Kompikhad Sor. Tawrenrung, the Lumpinee champion at 168lbs. The four round war ended with a stoppage favouring the champion. Mike flew home to Canada defeated. With a broken arm, a gash on his brow, and two legs that he could barely stand on, he began his road to recovery.

Now training with Neelan Hordatt at the Toronto Striking Academy, Fitzpatrick continues his Muaythai journey, ready to make his dreams a reality. Only a few more things stand in his way, which he alludes to in this episode. 

The Episode

This episode is more than just an interview. Michael takes us on a journey, offering his unique perspective of life in Thailand, and what it takes to compete amongst the top 1% of fighters in the world. Very few Westerners can say that they’ve done what Michael has done.

Michael’s recounting of his Lumpinee experience is both frightening and exhilarating. With each sentence, you both fear for him, and celebrate him for his courage. Michael Fitzpatrick truly embodies the spirit of a Nak Muay.

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