Bojan Kladnjakovic

Episode 32: Bojan Kladnjakovic

Episode 32: Bojan Kladnjakovic

Bojan Kladnjakovic is the current CUFF flyweight MMA champion and holds a purple belt in BJJ. He is a former Varsity wrestler at the University of Toronto and member of Team Impact. He trains in MMA with team Para Bellum in Hamilton, and coaches at the UFC Gym in Mississauga, and at BUDO in North York. Bojan is a true veteran in every sense of the word, and a real martial arts philosopher.

Talking to Bojan was like talking to a true martial artist. He has spent enough of his life immersed in combat sports and training to know what works, and what doesn’t. This episode offers a great insight into his philosophies and ideologies.

To know more about Bojan you can visit him at the UFC GYM Mississauga

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