Cold Warz III Bout List

Cold Warz III March Madnezz

Live Muay Thai in Ontario

Cold Warz III March Madnezz

Saturday March 3rd, 2019

Avani Event Center. Vaughan, Ontario

Sanctioned by Muay Thai Ontario

The third installment in the Cold Warz promotion lived up to the hype on Saturday March 3rd, as well as upholding a high standard of matchmaking, thanks to Jordan Kravitz and the athletes in the Muaythai Ontario community.

The night was full of action from bouts 1 through 15. Fans saw Brennan Picard of Kalsamrit win in a long-awaited rematch against Kevon Singh of Lanna MMA.

Fans also saw Caroline Jankowski return to the ring, taking on Brenda Vargas, who was also returning after a long hiatus. The fight was action-packed! It definitely has our vote for ‘Fight of The Night’.

Below you will see the entire bout list, including two videos to enjoy as we continue to edit and add more. Enjoy!

The bottom of this post has all of the results from Cold Warz III

Bout List

Cold Warz III Bout List
Cold Warz III Bout List

Main Event

Kevon Singh – Lanna MMA – Red Corner vs Brennan Picard – Kalsamrit ‘A’ Class

Co-Main Event

Veronica Gmaz – Evolve vs Sara Buczek – TKO Fighting Arts

Results at the bottom of the page

  1. Zack MacDonald – Warrior Muay Thai vs Vincent Ko – York Muay Thai (B Class Junior – 75lbs)
  2. Orrie Foster – Redemption Muay Thai vs Ethan Baggio – TKO (FC Exh Class – 140lbs)
  3. Patrick Canuto – Lanna MMA vs Leor Gerber – York Muay Thai (C Class – 132lbs)

    Cold Warz III Patrick Canuto
    Lanna MMA’s Patrick Canuto took on Leor Gerber of York Muay Thai
  4. Stephanie Fillippeos – Redemption Muay Thai vs Jessica Cobus (C Class – 122lbs)
  5. Michael Mora – Lanna MMA vs Paolo Deluca – TKMT (C Class – 178lbs)

    Cold Warz III Mike Mora
    42 year old Mike Mora of Lanna wins his ‘C’ class bout
  6. Miguel Palmer – Action Martial Arts vs Marcel Nguyen – New Era (168lbs)
  7. William Wang – Pound 4 Pound vs Andy Tran – Lotus Thai Boxing (B Class 145lbs)
  8. Billy Sawyer – Lanna MMA vs Tiernan Lennox – TKO (C Class 160lbs)
  9. Laurie Robichon – New Era vs Kate Degendorfer – Diamond Muay Thai (C Class – 140lbs)
  10. Hyedie Hasimoto – Lotus  vs Martha Lopez – Apex Martial Arts (B Class – 118lbs)
  11. Liban Yusuf – Warrior Muay Thai vs Zoran Dobruevic – TKMT (C Class – 220lbs)
  12. Laura Barager – Loyalist vs Miranda Burrell – M1 Thai Boxing (A Class – 132lbs)
  13. Brenda Vargas – Lanna MMA vs Caroline Jankowski – Lotus (A Class – 129lbs)



  1. Vincent Ko wins via unanimous decision
  2. Orrie Foster vs Ethan Baggio is a draw (exhibition bout)
  3. Patrick Canuto wins via unanimous decision
  4. Stephanie Fillippeos wins via unanimous decision
  5. Michael Mora wins via unanimous decision
  6. Miguel Palmer wins via majority decision
  7. Andy Tran wins via unanimous decision
  8. Billy Sawyer wins via referee stoppage (injury) Rd.1
  9. Katie Degendorfer wins via referee stoppage (corner stops bout) Rd.3
  10. Martha Lopez wins via unanimous decision
  11. Zoran Dobrijevic wins via unanimous decision
  12. Laura Barragar wins via referee stoppage Rd.2
  13. Caroline Jankowski wins via unanimous decision
  14. Veronica Gmaz wins via unanimous decision

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