Destiny 5

Destiny 5 Podcast: Recap and Fight Breakdown

Destiny 5 Podcast: Recap & Fight Breakdown

Destiny Fight Productions ( brought the action back to Woodbine Casino & Racetrack on September 16th, 2017 with Destiny 5, their fifth instalment of high level and high energy Muaythai. On the card was Boxing Works superstar, Jackie Buntan ( The night was full of great action and support from Ontario Muaythai fans and family.

Episode Format

In this special edition podcast covering Destiny 5, I breakdown the action fight-by-fight. This is the first of many, and I will seek to improve the format and quality of these special edition podcasts in the future. Please email us at with your questions and comments. Or visit us online on our Facebook homepage

For more information on Destiny’s future events, visit them on their homepage at 

To see more photos of the event like the one from this post, visit our friend Nick Wang on Instagram @ishootmuaythai or his homepage

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Visit to read the round by round breakdown of the first three fights.


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