Destiny 5 Kosta Rakic. Jackie Buntan

Destiny 5 – Round By Round – Fights 10, 11, & 12

Destiny Fights

Saturday September 16th, 2017 Woodbine Casino & Racetrack


By Ryan McKinnon

Disclaimer: All of the round scoring from Destiny 5 was made by me, and not taken from the Muaythai Ontario judges’ scorecards. Looking up and down from my laptop was a new experience, so I may have missed some techniques that scored. Feel free to email me with your comments and questions regarding my personal scoring.

Also, when looking at the fighter’s record (0-0-0) The first number is ‘wins’, the second is ‘losses’, and the third is a record of ‘how many demos’ that fighter has participated in.

All of the photos are credited to Nick Wang, a very talented fighter and photographer. Find him at, and on social media @ishootmuaythai.

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Bout #10 Amin Almelik (Warrior MT 26-3-25) vs Jared Carrier (Siam No.1 Quebec 15-11-0)

Round 1. Amin Almelik is a serious fighter with tons of experience. He is also a Pan Am Muaythai hopeful for team Canada when they compete in Mexico this October 4-8. So it may not be a surprise that with all of his talent and skill, he would land a beautifully timed and well placed left high kick within the first 10 seconds of round 1 to put Carrier on the mat. A true warrior himself, Jared got up and showed Kru Laura he was ready to keep fighting. The rest of the round was all Amin as he looked for a knockout blow in every exchange, and big knees to the head in the clinch

10-8 Almelik

Destiny 5 Amin Almelik head kick
Destiny 5. Amin Almelik scores a knockdown after a well-timed head kick. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 2. This was a slower-paced round with a brief stoppage by the referee to adjust Amin’s elbow protection. After winning the first round handily, all Amin had to do to protect his lead was to score effectively and avoid any danger from Jared. And that is exactly what he did. Carrier scored a well-timed sweep on Amin when he attempted another big high kick, and the favour was returned by Almelik later in the round when he came under Jared’s body kick with a sweep of his own.

10-9 Almelik

Round 3. This round was a a bit of a sleeper. It was Jared’s job to push the pace and take the round from Amin. He couldn’t find a way in, but scored a few techniques. On this night his efforts were not enough to beat the future hopeful pan-american medallist.

Unanimous Decision win for Amin Almelik of Warrior Muay Thai 


Bout # 11 Mandana Rafat (Southside MT 4-7-10) vs Jackie Buntan (Boxing Works, USA 10-1-0)
Destiny 5 Jackie Buntan vs Mandana Rafat
Destiny5 Jackie Buntan vs Mandana Rafat. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 1. Buntan meets Rafat in the middle of the ring, and before anything serious exchange of technique, both athletes lock up in a clinch that travels toward the ropes where Jackie scores elbows and knees. What was amazing to watch in this round was how well Jackie positions herself in the ring to her advantage. She keeps her feet moving against the ropes so she can foot jab, push kick, and keep Rafat guessing. Her hands were crisper and hit their mark against the Destiny female featherweight champion.

10-9 Buntan

Round 2. The young prodigy from Boxing Works begins to find her rhythm this round. She landed a sweet left hook counter, and continued to demonstrate leg dexterity and variety throughout the round. Mandana had some good scoring moments throughout the round, but couldn’t make the space she needed to land anything that earned Buntan’s respect. She would move into clinch when things got tough for her, but couldn’t do anything effective from that position. It was Buntan who used technical hand positioning to make just enough space to land sharp elbows, and back up Rafat.

10-9 Buntan

Round 3. Buntan throws double leg kicks. Uses the teep well. Then opens up with hands. Mandana continues to stalk her against the ropes, but can’t pull the trigger on a technique that might get Buntan thinking. Buntan moves forward to the center of the ring, firing straight punches. Big right leg kick that makes everyone say, ‘Ohhhhhh!!’. Jackie’s defense is strong and almost appears unfazed from Rafat’s attacks. Still bouncing on her feet late into round 3, she looked ready to go 3 more. Jackie scores a perfect sweep after catching Mandana’s attempted kick with 10 seconds left in the round.

Unanimous Decision win for Jackie Buntan of Boxing Works

Destiny 5 Bryan Popejoy Jackie Buntan, & Eddie Cuello
Destiny 5: Bryan Popejoy Jackie Buntan, & Eddie Cuello. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang


Bout # 12 Kosta Rakic (Milton MT 9-4-1) vs Cole Fetzner (Westside MT, Ottawa 24-11-0)

Round 1. The two heavyweights collide early. Lots of fireworks as Cole digs into Kosta against the ropes, almost sending them both overboard on several occasions. Fetzner is relentless, giving Kosta zero breathing room. Kosta looks winded early. Then dives into the clinch and attempts to use technique and IQ to score something effective against Cole. Rakic keeps the forward pressure and both wind up in the clinch again. Cole uses some ‘dirty boxing’ and short punches against Kosta, then attempts an MMA lift and throw against Rakic. Not the prettiest Muay Thai we’ve seen this evening, but it’s still effective and has done a good job tiring Kosta out. Cole is basically trying to bend Kosta in half against the ropes during the clinch.  

10-9 Fetzner 

Round 2. Cole continues his forward march, and Kosta just doesn’t have the strength to turn him in the clinch. Finally a nice jab and a step in elbow moves Cole backward. They lock up in the clinch again. Straight left, then a left knee from the southpaw moves Cole back once more, but only slightly. He goes right back to the clinch, and keeps bending Kosta backward against the ropes. When they disengage, a fire is lit under Rakic, who throws some big knees in the clinch. The big man from Westside turns Kosta into the ropes again, and makes him carry his weight. 

10-9 Fetzner

Destiny 5 Kosta Rakic vs Cole Fetzner
Destiny 5 Kosta Rakic narrowly misses a KO knee vs Cole Fetzner of Westside Muay Thai. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 3. Cole lands a big right hand at the opening bell that again puts him in a position to bulldoze Kosta backward and into the corner. Cole uses his double underhook body lock to bend Kosta and keep him where he wants him. Kosta manages to land some short right knees in the clinch, but nothing that can slow Cole down, or make him think carefully about engaging blindly in the clinch. Either Cole is super strong, or Kosta was feeling weak that night. Maybe both. It looked more like Kosta was shaking off some ring rust after an almost 5 year hiatus from the ring. 

A biiiiiiiig left head kick from Kosta gets the room roaring. But it’s not enough to earn him the fight. A body slam by Cole sends Kosta back-first onto the mat, and the crowd demonstrates their Muaythai knowledge by unleashing a collective, “Boooo!’ in response to Cole’s slam. 

Official Decision for the Main Event is a Unanimous Decision win for Cole Fetzner of Westside Muay Thai


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