Destiny 5

Destiny 5: Round By Round. Fights 4/5/6


Destiny Fights

Saturday September 16th, 2017 Woodbine Casino & Racetrack

Destiny 5: Round By Round Fights 4, 5, 6

By Ryan McKinnon

Disclaimer: All of the round scoring from Destiny 5 was made by me, and not taken from the Muaythai Ontario judges’ scorecards. Looking up and down from my laptop was a new experience, so I may have missed some techniques that scored. Feel free to email me with your comments and questions regarding my personal scoring.

Also, when looking at the fighter’s record (0-0-0) The first number is ‘wins’, the second is ‘losses’, and the third is a record of ‘how many demos’ that fighter has participated in.

All of the photos are credited to Nick Wang, a very talented fighter and photographer. Find him at, and on social media @ishootmuaythai.

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Patricia Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick before her bout with Olivia Moore. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang
4. Tony Conforti (Whitby MT 0-0-1) vs Stefane Schryer (Evolution MT Petawawa 0-1-2)

Round 1. Tony comes out with fast and furious hand combinations that land on Stefane, pushing him back into the neutral corner. A sweet right hook, left uppercut and right low kick all land for Tony. Stefane pushes Tony back with combos of his own, but Tony seems unfazed and continues to stalk Stefane. A left uppercut, right cross, and a clinch into knees score for Tony. Kru Laura stops the action to check on the bleeding from Stefane’s nose at the end of round 1.

10-9 for Conforti

Round 2. Stefane does a better job of scoring in the round, and keeps Tony’s hand combinations at bay. It seems apparent that after seeing blood, Tony is putting a lot of effort into securing a knock down. After a break from the clinch by Kru Laura, Stefane lands a beautiful right high kick and a left low inside leg kick that score. Kru Laura stops the action again near the end of the round to check on Stefane. After the break, Stefane scores 2 crisp crosses before the bell signals the end of the round.

10-9 for Schryer, but very close.

Round 3. A big right leg kick opens up the scoring for Tony, followed by some hands and a right hook that scores for Stefane. The overall theme of this round from both fighters are hand combos followed by leg kicks which is a smart game plan to score points and attempt to sway the judges’ decision for the final round. After 3 rounds of action and excitement, the fight ends with everyone wondering who got the nod from the judges.

Unanimous Decision win for Tony Conforti of Whitby Muay Thai.

5. Jonathan Park (Milton MT 0-2-3) vs Jefferson Simeon (Triumph MT 2-0-2)

Round 1. This fight raises the temperature and the energy of the Woodbine Casino and Racetrack. Jonathan opens the action with a big right head kick, which is answered by a straight left from Jefferson. Both fighters begin to test the other with single techniques to find any sign of weakness in their opponents defenses. It is a great demonstration of patience and attention to detail. Both fighters counter the other with single techniques, but just can’t find a way to capitalize after the counter attacks. If I had to pick a fighter to win the round, it would be Jefferson because he finds a home for his right cross. He lands it as a single technique attack, and as a counter. Jonathan has a difficult time defending it.

10-9 Simeon

Round 2. Jefferson opens the round by scoring a low kick counter to Jonathan’s punches, then attempts a spinning back kick that looks like it lands. Jefferson’s right cross continues to find a home against Park, who is never out of the round. A huge head kick attempt from Jonathan narrowly misses Jefferson, who is just able to duck under the attack.

10-9 Simeon

Round 3. Both fighters start using their teeps to shut down any offense. Jefferson continues to show more aggression with his hands, but Jonathan keeps marching forward, looking to score from any angle. A big rear teep from Jefferson slows Park down. A huge knee lands in the clinch for Simeon, but his second knee is just below the belt, prompting a timeoout from Kru Laura. It was too bad for Jefferson, who may have had the opportunity to drop Jonathan with more knees.

With 20 seconds left in the round, both nak muay take the fight to a tempo that had the crowd screaming. Both athletes are countering and throwing heavy leather and legs. Jefferson lands big punches, and as he’s marching in for the kill, Jonathan hits him with a staggering left hook that backs Simeon into the ropes. Both athletes brought the heat, and the crowd fired back with energy to keep them going.

A mistaken call by the announcer has Jonathan Park winning by Unanimous Decision, which is quickly overturned. The official score is a Unanimous Decision win for Jefferson Simeon of Triumph Muay Thai

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Southside Team
Southside Team. Mikey, Michael, Patricia and Raul. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang



6. Patricia Fitzpatrick (Southside MT 2-1-5) vs Olivia Moore (5th Round MT Stratford 0-1-5)

Round 1. A teep from Patricia starts the action, then she counters Olivia’s kick with a good right hand. The two female athletes clinch up, and Fitzpatrick scores clean knees. It is apparent early on that Patricia sees Olivia’s kicks coming, and is able to counter them with her own techniques. A solid lead teep at the end of the round puts Moore on her butt. Nice way to close out the opening stanza.

10-9 Fitzpatrick

Round 2. More of the same from both fighters. Moore is trying to find a way inside Fitzpatrick’s range, but Patricia is great at using her height and reach to her advantage. When Olivia stands in front of Patricia for too long, Patricia fires her lead and rear teeps. The highlight of the round were two solid rear teeps that both hit their mark on the face of Moore

10-9 Fitzpatrick

Round 3. A big teep to the face scores again for Patricia. All of her kicks, be it teeps or round kicks are scoring. Near the end of the round, Olivia lands a crisp lead uppercut elbow, and begins to let her hands go as Patricia backpedals to the opposite neutral corner. Olivia has the best chance of scoring a knockdown here, but unfortunately it was too little too late for her. Great job from both female athletes at Destiny 5. We hope to see them back for the next event. 

Unanimous Decision win for Patricia Fitzpatrick of Southside Muay Thai.

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