Destiny 5 Gram Stuart

Destiny 5: Round By Round – Fights 7,8,9

Destiny Fights

Saturday September 16th, 2017 Woodbine Casino & Racetrack

Destiny 5: Round By Round Fights 7, 8, & 9

By Ryan McKinnon

Disclaimer: All of the round scoring from Destiny 5 was made by me, and not taken from the Muaythai Ontario judges’ scorecards. Looking up and down from my laptop was a new experience, so I may have missed some techniques that scored. Feel free to email me with your comments and questions regarding my personal scoring.

Also, when looking at the fighter’s record (0-0-0) The first number is ‘wins’, the second is ‘losses’, and the third is a record of ‘how many demos’ that fighter has participated in.

All of the photos are credited to Nick Wang, a very talented fighter and photographer. Find him at, and on social media @ishootmuaythai.

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Fight # 7 Jack Liu (York MT 4-3-7) vs Gram Stuart (Westside MT Ottawa 9-4-4)

Basically this fight was reminiscent of those cartoon battles between a cat and dog with a cloud of dust enveloping them.

Round 1. The fight begins with a double jab and right hook from Gram, with a counter left kick from Jack to follow. Kicks from both, then they clinch up. Jack throws a big left kick after the break. Clinch again. Jack sends the left kick under a right cross from Gram. More clinch and knees from Jack, turning Gram into the ropes. Kru Laura breaks both athletes. A left kick from Gram scores after the break. Clinch is initiated by Jack. Gram scoring the better knees in the clinch. A break is called by referee Kru Laura, and then comes the move of the round. Jack attempts a superman punch with his left hand, which is stuffed midair by a lead teep from Gram, putting Jack on his butt. Once he’s up Gram throws a cross + left kick. Jack closes the distance and clinches. Gram scores a few knees in the clinch. Another teep and left kick from Gram. Jack attempts to sweep, but Gram uses the momentum to turn him and get the sweep instead. Near the end of the round we see some hand combos from Jack, then more clinch. Both athletes throwing big technique, while the other returns fire. What a busy round!!!

10-9 Stuart

Round 2. Low kick from Jack pushes Gram into ropes, then clinching ensues. After the break Jack circles left with a left hook, then throws some extra hands. As he’s landing hand strikes, Gram clinches, and both guys almost go over the top rope. After both fighters are separated by Kru Laura, Jack attempts a sweep that is reversed by Gram, and it is Jack who ends up on the mat. Then Jack catches one of Gram’s kicks, and both men hit the mat after a loss of balance which finds Jack on top. Once they’re back to standing, Gram sends a low kick followed by a right body kick from Jack who then catches Gram’s kick which turns into clinch on the ropes. As Gram attempts a knee they almost go over the ropes a second time. After a brief stoppage to fix equipment, big knees are thrown from both, then they clinch. Gram positions himself well for a nice sweep. Gram attempts a kick and slips. More clinch from both men with knees. Jack is throwing his kicks, one of which is caught by Gram leading to Jack getting swept. Gram steps in with a knee that is caught by Jack who narrowly misses a teep. Big clinch knee from Gram. Jumping kick attempted by Gram at the end of the round, which narrowly misses.

10-9 Stuart

Round 3. An awkward glove touch begins the round, then the boys get back to action with a big left high kick from Gram, and kicks from Jack.  An attempted clinch from Jack gets him tossed to the mat. A right elbow from Gram initiates the clinch, and both guys almost go over the ropes again. Teep from Jack and a low kick after a combo from Gram leads to a clinch in the red corner. Left kick from Gram, then he brings some elbows out. Gram marches forward. Both guys slowing down slightly, but digging deep and going for it. It’s a mix of hands, kicks, then clinch. Big right low kick scores for Gram, then Jack scores one of his own. A clinch follows, and knees from both. Back to the leg kicks from both guys. Jack finally scores that dump in the clinch he was looking for all fight just before the final bell.

10-9 for Liu

The fight is ruled a Unanimous Decision win for Gram Stuart  is where you can find Jack & is where Gram trains.

Destiny 5
Gram wins by Decision. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang
Fight # 8 Audree Charbonneau (Southside MT 8-1-15) vs Dominique Demeritte (Toronto Striking Academy 4-1-4)
Destiny 5
Dominique and Audree go to war. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 1. The two southpaws meet, and Audree gets her hands going early, pushing Dominique backward. Dominique already demonstrates prowess in her counterpunching while moving in reverse. There are some really good exchanges in the round from both ladies. Nothing exciting is happening in the clinch. Both athletes are looking for a good hand position before they start kneeing. Audree is the forward-moving fighter of the pair, but is getting hit with scoring punches from Dominique more often than she is landing.

10-9 Demeritte

Round 2. Audree lands two good knees early in the round and continues looking for a home for her left cross. Dominique sticks to the game plan of moving backward while sticking her right jab in Audree’s face, while mixing up light combinations that score. Audree’s best scoring happens in the clinch in this round because she can’t locate the angle that will score hand techniques. While Audree’s knees are scoring, the volume is lower than Demeritte’s hands.

10-9 Demeritte

Round 3. Audree looks like a fire has been lit under her ass. She begins scoring with her hands in this round, but Dominique shrugs them off with counterpunching of her own, mostly jabs in reverse. A big moment of the round for Dominique was an uppercut in the clinch that forced Audree to let go. You could hear Dominique’s corner yelling at her to let the cross go, but she decided to focus on not getting clinched or caught by one of Audree’s big punches. Charbonneau did a much better job this round with her hands and her clinch knees, and most likely won the round, but it was not enough in the judge’s eyes.

Unanimous Decision win for Dominique Demeritte of the Toronto Striking Academy (stay tuned for website updates. Until then, follow them on Facebook).
Fight #9 Matthew Mendoza (Southside MT 6-4-10) vs Kevon Singh (Lanna MT 4-10-6)
Destiny 5 Kevon & Matthew
Kevon & Matthew lock up in the clinch. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 1. Kevon Singh is well known for his high volume, forward-moving style. He used it to dispose of his opponents at the TBAs in Iowa The one drawback to his style is that he doesn’t mix up his techniques, and will punch stubbornly into his opponents’ double block and guard. This was very much the case against Mendoza who showed patience and poise. Most people who aren’t familiar with Singh make mistakes early, allowing him to score and lower their gas tank. Mendoza did a great job in the opening round of covering up and really picking his counter shots.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 2. Mendoza began to open up a lot more in the second round by mounting an offense filled with a variety of techniques including a spinning back right elbow that landed flush at the end of the round. Once Mendoza found his rhythm  and range against the non-stop pressure of Singh, he began to land comfortably.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 3. Mendoza landed some great technique early, including an impressive right high kick from what appeared to be elbow range. Good demonstration of flexibility and strength from Matthew. Almost like it wasn’t possible, Kevon took the volume up another notch, which Mendoza answered to the best of his abilities. But near the end of the round, Matthew started to fade ever so slightly, and Kevon continued his onslaught. It was hard to tell, but for a moment it looked like Mendoza was out of the round and Kevon was inches from a knockdown. One only wonders what the fight would have turned out to be if it was 2 more rounds.

10-9 Singh

Mendoza wins by Unanimous Decision

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