Destiny Fights

Destiny 5: Round By Round

Destiny Fights
                               Destiny 5

Saturday September 16th, 2017 Woodbine Casino & Racetrack

Destiny 5: Round By Round

By Ryan McKinnon

Destiny 5
Jordan Nguyen vs Easton Malendrino Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Disclaimer: All of the round scoring from Destiny 5 was made by me, and not taken from the Muaythai Ontario judges’ scorecards. Looking up and down from my laptop was a new experience, so I may have missed some techniques that scored. Feel free to email me with your comments and questions regarding my personal scoring.

Also, when looking at the fighter’s record (0-0-0) The first number is ‘wins’, the second is ‘losses’, and the third is a record of ‘how many demos’ that fighter has participated in.

All of the photos are credited to Nick Wang, a very talented fighter and photographer. Find him at, and on social media @ishootmuaythai.

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Easton Malendrino (Whitby MT 0-0-1) vs Jordan Ong-Nguyen (Milton MT 0-1-2)

Round 1. (First of all, shout-out to Jordan for his Wai Kru Ram Muay before the fight!)Both fighters get to the center of the ring quickly. However it is Jordan who comes out aggressively, which is a characteristic that many of the Milton MT fighters demonstrate in their fights. Right out of the gate, Jordan begins the action with straight punches, rear teeps into kicks, and clinch knees. He takes full control of the round.

Rommel Oliveros and Jordan Nguyen
Rommel Oliveros wrapping his young athlete’s hands. Photo Courtesy of Nick Wang

Round 2. More of the same from Jordan. He begins with a clean low kick/teep combination, then dives right into clinching knees. When Easton closed the distance after a separation, Jordan returned to his strong clinch with turns and double knees. He looks so relaxed in the ring. This could be attributed to having more experience than Easton, and because he is so good at listening to his corner.

Round 3. Jordan begins round 3 with a sweet switch left kick, then dives right into his bread and butter clinch and goes to work. After Kru Laura separates the two fighters, Jordan attempts another switch kick which Easton anticipates, and makes him pay with a returned kick. However, Jordan dives right back into the clinch and does his thing. At the end of the round Jordan lands a big teep.

As a youth exhibition bout, no winner was declared, and I don’t need to declare one either. Both young athletes opened the night with some great demonstration of Muaythai. I can’t wait to see them back in action!

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Kyle McShane (Ayothaya MT 0-0-1) vs Sam Regan (Evolution MT Petawawa 0-0-4)

Round 1. After a brief timeout 5 seconds into the bout to fix Sam’s headgear, the fireworks begin. Kyle is the taller fighter, and makes excellent use of his range in this fight. Almost immediately he finds a home for his jab, then sends a lovely 1-2 combination down the pipe that connects cleanly with Regan, scoring him a standing 8 count.

Kyle is the less experienced fighter on paper, yet he demonstrates true ring awareness after the standing 8. After Sam lets the referee know that he wants to continue fighting, Kyle closes the distance calmly and begins peppering Sam with his punches, pushing him towards the blue corner. His deliberate punching is something you don’t often see with novice fighters once they smell blood. When he sees his opening, Kyle takes it, sending another barrage of punches at Sam, sending him to the canvas a second time.

After delivering a second standing 8 count to Sam, Kru Brian Edwards calls off the fight, giving Kyle McShane a very lovely win by referee stoppage.

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Keep an eye out for Kyle McShane!

Tamara Watkins (P4P 0-0-1) vs Naomie Linteau (Siam No.1 Quebec 1-0-1)

Round 1. Naomie begins the fight with a good mix of kicks and punches, which are countered by Tamara with a mix of jabs and kicks of her own. Linteau immediately secures her place in the bout by imposing her will on Watkins by pushing forward with hand combinations followed by clean kicks that score. In the clinch, Naomie is the stronger more competent fighter. Her knees appear to score often and begin to drain Tamara’s gas tank.

10-9 for Linteau

Round 2. A big right punch and kick from Naomie both score early in the round. Tamara makes an effort to hold her own and makes attempts to mount an attack of her own, but Naomie just wants it more. She pushes back every time Tamara tries to get something going. Naomie seems to know she is the stronger clinch fighter, and takes full advantage by scoring more big knees against Tamara.

10-9 for Linteau

Round 3. Naomie and her corner anticipate that Tamara is going to try and take this round and hopefully score a standing 8 count to even things out. She shuts down any hope Tamara has by pushing herself to continue scoring and not giving Tamara any breathing room. Again, Naomie is stronger in the clinch with her hand positioning and knees. Tamara never backs down in the round. She demonstrates a ton of heart, but didn’t have enough gas to do the damage necessary. Naomie did enough damage early to zap the strength of Tamara, making it easier to do damage by round 3.

Unanimous Decision win for Naomie Linteau

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