Punishment By Proxy. Jade Osman

Episode 25: Jade Osman: Punishment By Proxy

Jade Osman rejoins the podcast to update us on her boxing documentary, Punishment By Proxy (www.punishmentbyproxy.com). Episode 1 of her doc shares the story of Zsolt Daranyi Jr. We talk about females in combat sport, feminism and combat sport, the psychology behind combat, and a lot of other heady stuff. Real talk.

Jade is a very good storyteller, and uses Punishment By Proxy as a platform to interview local boxers. Digging deeper than the casual talk show circuit, Punishment By Proxy shares the stories of struggle and strife of boxers that we can all relate to.

Everyone loves an underdog story. And you don’t have to understand boxing (or combat sports for that matter) to truly appreciate how hard it is to rise to the top of your craft. We are all aware that the universe constantly throws obstacles in front of us, challenging our desire to accomplish our goals, and realize our dreams. Punishment By Proxy shines a very focused light on the unique personalities in the world of boxing that have undergone true struggle on their way to the top.



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