Dave Mirabelli

Episode 3: Dave Mirabelli

Dave Mirabelli is the head youth instructor at Lanna MMA. He has over 15+ years of martial arts experience and is an educator in the school system. His insight into teaching martial arts to kids is one of a kind. I met Dave Mirabelli in 2008 when I began my Muay Thai journey at Lanna Muay Thai. From the day I met Dave, I was immediately impressed with his attitude. He has the perfect temperament to be an educator, and it shows. Dave is loved by all of the students at Lanna MMA.

Dave has some of the finest Muay Thai technique I’ve ever witnessed firsthand. His ability to teach good technique exceeds his own abilities. He is a hidden treasure in the Muay Thai community. Lanna MMA is lucky to have an exceptional human being as one of its head instructors.


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