Michael Reid, Muaystache

Episode 33: Michael Reid

Episode 33: Michael Reid

Muaystache, Movember 25th, 2017

Michael Reid is the Executive Director of Muaythai Ontario, and the promoter of Back Forward Kick Productions. The promotions third event Muaystache #PushKickCancer will be held this week at the Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto, Ontario, Movember 25th, 2017. Michael Reid might just be the hardest working man in Canadian Muaythai. Almost every week you can find him at an amateur event in Ontario, working tirelessly alongside his team of officials, volunteers, and supporters of amateur Muaythai in Canada. I am very grateful for the time he made to come on the show.

In this episode we promote Muaystache, but also discuss this year’s Pan American Championships, Muaythai Canada’s National Championships, Muaythai in the Olympics, and the importance of the Muaythai community coming together to support great causes.

Follow www.backforwardkick.com to keep up to date with the promotion. And head to Muaythai Ontario & Muaythai Canada to find out what’s next in the Muaythai Calendar.

Enjoy the episode. In case you missed it, here is last week’s episode with coach Bojan Kladnjakovic


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