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Episode 34: Cold Warz – Kru Jordan Kravitz

Episode 34: Cold Warz – Muaystache – Milton Muay Thai Burklerk Seminar

This week’s episode is a 3-parter. The episode ends with a promo of Kru Jordan’s latest event. Here is how it’s broken down:


Michael Reid, Muaystache
Back Forward Kick Productions – Muaystache

The first third of the episode is a quick review of Muaystache. Muaystache was promoted by Back Forward Kick Productions. The event was held at the Wychwood Artscape Barns in Toronto on November 25th.

Burklerk at Milton Muay Thai

The second third of the episode is a recap of the Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai seminar. The seminar was hosted by Milton Muay Thai.

Milton Muay Thai Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai seminar
Milton Muay Thai. Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai seminar

Kru Jordan Kravitz

Lastly is our interview with Kru Jordan Kravitz. Jordan is the owner of Lanna MMA and promoter of Cold Warz.


Visit to follow the event.

Check out our previous interview with Michael Reid here


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