Cold Warz Part 2

Episode 35: Cold Warz Part 1: Review & Play-By-Play

Cold Warz Part 1: Review & Play-By-Play

Cold Warz Part 1: Fitzpatrick Wai Kru
Michael Fitzpatrick Wai Kru

Cold Warz Part 1: Review & Play-By-Play. The action went down on Saturday December 9th 2017 in the Avani Event Centre in Vaughan, Ontario.

In this episode, you will hear a review of the event. After the review, you can listen to the raw audio commentary of bouts 2-9.

One of the biggest comments about Cold Warz was that the event took the fighters into consideration. Kru Jordan treated every fighter like they were a pro. Fighters took home custom shorts, gloves, and were fed after their weigh-in. Listen to the podcast to hear more.

Link To Videos

Follow this link to watch the videos, and play our audio with it HERE

Visit Lanna MMA to see what else Kru Jordan has planned in the future.

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