Episode 37: Jesse Richardson, Danny Beauclerc & Adam Chin Leung Kam

Episode 37: Professor Jesse Richardson, Danny Beauclerc & Adam Chin Leung Kam

On Saturday December 16th 2017. LUTA Productions presented the return of amateur MMA to Ontario. Both grappling and pankration bouts were sanctioned by the OGA. The event was held at the Rose Garden Banquet & Convention Hall in Toronto. The event was the closest thing to amateur MMA we’ve seen in the province in quite some time.

After the event I had the chance to sit down with Jesse Richardson, Danny Beauclerc, and Adam Chin Leun Kam from CUFF (Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting). The podcast features a debrief on the event, and what we can all expect from the OGA and LUTA for 2018.

Please check out the podcast and support events like these to help grow amateur mixed martial arts in Ontario.

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