Podcast Episode 56 Robert Beer of Mindset First

Robert Beer of Mindset First
Robert Beer of www.mindsetfirst.ca

Robert is a sport psychology specialist and owner of Mindset First, which can be found online at www.mindsetfirst.ca. Robert is a former tennis pro who parlayed a tennis scholarship into a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He recently offered a seminar at Lanna MMA for all of the athletes and coaches in the Ontario Muaythai community for pre-performance routines. He offers consultation services to help athletes reach peak performance.

Robert is very familiar with the needs of Muaythai athletes. He has been working with fighters and coaches in the GTA for quite some time. In the episode, he acknowledges the high stress situation of being in a fight, and explains what fighters can do to increase performance.

One of the most potent points that Robert brings up in the episode is the concept of raising a ‘vulnerable athlete’. Have a listen to find out what he means by that term.

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