Live at Landsdowne

Muay Thai Kickboxing Live at Landsdowne Review & Results

Fight Factory Promotions Proudly Presents Muay Thai Kickboxing Live at Landsdowne

Live at Landsdowne Review

Fight Factory Promotions reemerged in Ottawa on Saturday November 24th, 2018 at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario when it presented Live at Landsdowne.

Athletes and and gyms from around Ottawa and the province of Ontario converged on Landsdowne Park to participate in one of the most anticipated amateur Muaythai shows of 2018.

Kru Jeff and the supporting cast of Fight Fight Promotions presented a high caliber event, with an impressive fight card for fans. Joey Dubeau and Warwick Fulke went to war for three rounds, giving fans a taste of the highest level of amateur Muaythai competition. The split decision win for Dubeau was his second win over Fulke. A possible third bout may already be in the works.

In the co-main event, the ‘Bosnian Bomber’ Mirza Hopovac took on Brampton Muay Thai’s Doni Foreman in what may have been called, ‘Clash of the Titans’. Mirza went to work on Doni’s leg early in the fight, then abandoned the game plan to delight fans with a few unorthodox high-risk aerial attacks. In the second round both fighters went over the ropes, with Mirza landing awkwardly on a judge’s table. Once both men re-entered the ring, referee Michael Reid stopped the contest, to the dismay of the fans. The fight was officially ruled a ‘no contest’, paving the way for a rematch between the two 200+ lbs athletes.

The main event featured hometown hero Stephan Lamarche and Team Andrello standout Bryce Mills. The two athletes fought an extremely high paced match, that saw Mills score a standing 8 count against Lamarche near the end of round 3. Once the cloud of smoke surrounding the two athletes dissipated, judges gave Mills the unanimous decision win over one of the toughest competitors in the province.

Full Results

Live at Landsdowne Fight Card
Live at Landsdowne Fight Card
  1. Quinn Major (OAMA) defeats Seamus Briggs (Kalsamrit) by Unanimous Decision
  2. Eli Lusty (Ottawa Fight & Fitness) defeats Zack Marques (Kemptville Training Centre) by Unanmous Decision
  3. Brandon Ugucionni (New Era) defeats Rodney Elivert (Team Bushido) by Unanimous Decision
  4. Leila Jakubinek (New Era) defeats Shannon Hogan (Kemptville Training Centre) by Unanimous Decision
  5. Dylan Tanguay (New Era) defeats Victor Nguyen (Lanna Muay Thai) Referee Stops Contest Round 2
  6. Randy Amyot (New Era) defeats Duncan Ruttle (Kalsamrit) Unanimous Decision
  7. Natalie Libertore (New Era) defeats Tyya Emberley (Lanna Muay Thai) Split Decision
  8. David MacDonald (New Era) defeats Mohamed Abissa (Ottawa Fight & Fitness) Unanimous Decision
  9. Joey Rubeau (New Era) defeats Warwick Fulke (N1 Thai Boxing) by Split Decision *Fight Of The Night*
  10. Mirza Hopovac (New Era) vs Doni Foreman (Brampton Muay Thai) Ruled a No Contest
  11. Bryce Mills (Team Andrello) defeats Stephan Lamarche (N1 Thai Boxing) by Unanimous Decision


Capital Combat Parley Interview

Our friends Lewis & Garmamie from Capital Combat Parley interviewed The Bloody Ballet for a 10 minute recap of the event. Check it out here.

Check out their Youtube Page to watch interviews with the main event fighters from Live at Landsdowne.

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