Muaythai Ontario 2019 Annual Community Meeting

Muaythai Ontario 2019 Annual Community Meeting

Muaythai Ontario’s 2019 Annual Community Meeting

Muaythai Ontario 2019 Annual Community Meeting
Muaythai Ontario 2019 Annual Community Meeting

After Cold Warz III on Saturday March 2nd, Muaythai Ontario hosted their annual general meeting for all MTO members to recap 2018, and plan for the future. As events and membership with MTO continue to rise, it is important for each member to understand the organization they belong to, who their community is, and what they can do to help grow our sport. While there was a lot of information covered over the 3 hour meeting, we have created our 5 biggest takeaways from the meeting to share with the Canadian Muaythai community. Let’s all work together in achieving our common goals for 2019 and beyond!

Here is a link to the slides for reference: Muaythai Ontario 2019 Annual Community Meeting Slides 

Muaythai Ontario (MTO) Facts & Numbers

Founded 2011. Received PSO (Provincial Sporting Organization) status in 2017.


Revenue $121,000/$190,000

Expenses $105,000/$175,000

Net $16,000/$15,000

Muaythai Ontario’s Vision

Muaythai Ontario aims to establish Ontario as a world class source for athletic, coaching, and officiating talent for the sport of amateur Muaythai.

Muaythai Ontario’s Mission

Muaythai Ontario will achieve its vision through the safe development of the sport and culture of amateur Muaythai in Ontario with programs that provide the highest quality educational, competitive, and financial support for the athletes, coaches, officials, and recreational members of the community.

5 Takeaways

  1. Sport Canada Funding

  • Offers assistance to athletes
  • Supports National Sporting Organizations (NSO)
  • Partners with the Association of Canada
  • Partners with the Canada Games

They are the single largest investor in amateur sport in Canada. Sport Canada Funding has a huge impact on Muaythai. Every year, $33 million goes to roughy 1900 Canadian athletes, and $150.4 million given to organizations.

Here’s a link to Sport Canada Funding.

Sport Canada Funding Requirements

  • $50,000 in revenue
  • 5,000 members
  • 8 Provinces/Territories
  • Coaching Certification
  • Have officials at all level of competition
  • An Athlete High Performance Monitoring Program

The requirements will change in the future. Our goal as a Canadian Muaythai community is to fulfill these requirements, and help our athletes make it to the podium.

Receiving Sport Canada Funding recognition qualifies amateur Muaythai athletes in Ontario for more funding from provincial organizations, like the Athletics Ontario Quest for Gold Athlete Assistance Program and other organizations that fund amateur athletics in the province.

2. Youth Development

  • Our Youth represents a positive long term investment that will help reach our goal of fulfilling the requirements for National & Provincial funding.
  • The Canada Youth Movement is exactly what the province needs. Supporting an initiative such as this will grow our community and build/strengthen relationships within the community. Positive initiatives, especially in our future leaders, will earn us continued support with government agencies, private investors and political allies.
  • Canada Youth Movement IV event will be hosted at Kombat Arts on Sunday April 14th, 2019.
  • The next step is the creation of High Performance and Developmental Camps for our youth athletes.
  • We are all acutely aware of the positive benefits Muay Thai has on our lives outside of the gym. Investing in our youth is the single greatest thing we can do to ensure a better future for our Muaythai community, and the lives of our young athletes.

3. Female Leadership & Representation

  • Muaythai Ontario is looking for more female representation in the organization.
  • We need more coaches, officials, leaders, not just female fighters.
  • Muaythai Ontario has partnered with CAAWS (Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women & Sport & Physical Activity). You can read about the Program Muaythai Ontario is working on with CAAWS to Increase Retention Rates for Girls and Women in Sports Organizations.


4. Projects & Community Programs

  • Engaging with the greater community outside of Muaythai creates change, grows our Muaythai community, and establishes healthy relationships with other communities.
  • Currently there are a couple pilot projects that are in the works. The At-Risk Community Youth Program, and the Indigenous Community Program.
  • If you have an idea for a pilot project, get in touch with MTO, or find out how you can get involved with current initiatives and programs. There are MTO member clubs all over the province, meaning we have the potential to create a wide network, connecting everyone for the purpose of doing something great for other people.

5. Potential for Growth

  • There is almost limitless potential for growth in every aspect of our sporting organization.
  • As the organization grows, the need for more people with diverse backgrounds is paramount to our community’s success.
  • Having members with Political, Social and Economic backgrounds and networks helps us establish relationships with leaders in other organizations that will help grow our sport.
  • There will be more opportunities in the future for MTO members to take advantage of. As the community widens, the need for people to take up certain positions within the organization will arise.

This is an exciting time for our sport, and the organization we all belong to. When we work together as one team with one purpose, we can achieve significant goals that will have a lasting benefit for everyone.

Mobilization and communication are two keys factors that contribute to our overall success. This sport has something for everyone. Involvement in programs and initiatives, no matter how small the contribution might be, make a profound difference.

Having an open forum encourages dialogue with board and community members, thereby ensuring that everyone understands what the goals are, and what they can do to help achieve them. Taking advantage of forums that encourage members to share opinions and ideas contributes to the strength of our organization.

Let’s make 2019 the greatest year for Muaythai in Ontario!

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