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The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 50: SHEfights II Michael Reid

SHEfights II Michael Reid with Jazzy and Wayne Parr
SHEfights II Michael Reid with Jazzy and Wayne Parr

Michael Reid is the promoter for Backforwardkick Productions, as well as the Executive Director for Muaythai Ontario. He has given his tireless energy and devoted so much passion to the sport of Muaythai. His efforts culminated in the success of SHEfights II on Saturday September 15th, 2018. He and his team put on a Muaythai show of international proportions.

Episode 50 recaps SHEfights II, with Michael’s reflection on what brought the show to fruition,  and his thoughts on the positives and negatives of the event.

Later in the episode we talk about the goal for Muaythai in Ontario. Michael shares his vision for the future of the sport, both internationally and at home.



Check out our article on SHEfights II and visit www.backforwardkick.com to donate to their Youth Training Grant, which is an outstanding initiative that gives Female Youth that is identified as having financial hardship, a bursary to supplement their Muaythai membership at a Muaythai Ontario Member Club.



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