Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button

Podcast Episode 54 with Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 54 with Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button

Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button
Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button

Natalie is a former professional and amateur Muaythai fighter and boxer. With over 25 bouts to her credit, Natalie is now a coach and trainer in Toronto, offering a wide variety of amazing services to clients of all backgrounds and skill levels. You can find her online at or visit her at Grant MMA Rival Boxing. There’s an amazing article about Natalie at DRIVENFIGHTERS which talks about how martial arts has changed her life, and why she fought competitively. It’s a great look inside the psyche of a high level athlete.

Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button
Former athletes, now coaches, Natalie Yip and Lita Mae Button

Lita Mae Button owns and operates ONTHEBUTTON CLUB out of Undisputed MMA. Lita’s non-contact boxing inspired workouts for people suffering with Parkinson’s can be found online at ROCKSTEADYBOXINGUNDISPUTED.

Through her Rocksteady Boxing initiative, Lita created On The Button Club Promotions to promote an all female white collar boxing fundraising event for Parkinson’s disease. Through this humanitarian campaign, women learn how to box and help people fight back against Parkinson’s. Her inaugural event earlier this year was a massive success, and she’s asked Natalie to work alongside her in preparations for the second event in April 2019.

You can read about Lita’s first white collar all-female boxing event here.

Episode 54 with Natalie and Lita

The pair join the show to  promote this amazing all female white collar boxing event to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s. Both Lita and Natalie will coach athletes for 12 weeks to prepare them for their first amateur boxing bout.

The Tryout

There is an open call to any female athletes in the GTA who wish to be a part of this event. A tryout will be held on November 24th at Undisputed MMA at 9am sharp for all those interested. This represents an amazing karma-point-scoring opportunity. You can get trained by one of 2 talented coaches and former high level athletes. You get to be a part of something special and communal.

There is a part of our community that suffers with Parkinson’s disease. People suffering from this debility often do it alone mentally, for many reasons. This disease can impose a tremendous amount of stress not just on the sufferer, but to their loved ones as well. People with the most severe and limiting features of the disease require constant care.

Taking part in an event like Lita and Natalie’s can offer varying measures of relief for patients and their families. Initiatives like Rock Steady have tangible results from offering non-contact boxing-inspired workouts for Parkinson’s sufferers that reverse and often delay symptoms.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming event April 4th, 2019 in Markham, Ontario.

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