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Podcast Episode 57 with Candice Mitchell

Candice Mitchell
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Candice Mitchell is a provincial, North American & world champion in Muay Thai. What makes her accomplishments so special is the fact that she began her career in combat sports only 6 years ago. Abandoning the life of a regular 9-5 working class woman, Candice decided to sacrifice the familiar comforts of home to pursue her dreams of becoming a world champion. First, she moved to Thailand to join Phuket Top Team Then she made another move to seek out the tutelage of her head coach, Kirian Fitzgibbons at the Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California Candice is currently a managing partner of TKMT’s downtown Toronto location Follow Candice online at as she continues her journey towards becoming the best female combat sports athlete on the globe.

Candice Mitchell
Candice Mitchell

Episode 57

Candice shares some of the trials and tribulations associated with being a full-time combat sports athlete. Her path to success hasn’t been any easy one. She’s had to worry about

where her next meal was coming from. She’s literally lived without a home address. She’s purchased one-way tickets, not knowing how or when she’d make it home.

The life of a fighter isn’t for the weak. Candice is the personification of hard work, grit and commitment to a dream, no matter the cost. She’s 6 years into the fight game, and she’s only getting started.

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