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The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 59: Vic Costa

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 59: Vic Costa

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 59: Vic Costa

Vic Costa at the 2018 Pan Ams
Vic Costa at the 2018 Pan Ams. Photo courtesy of Josimar Tulloch for Muaythai Canada

Vic Costa is the head coach and owner of K1 Kickboxing Academy in Burlington, Ontario. K1 Kickboxing Academy opened in September 2015.

Prior to opening K1 Kickboxing Academy, Vic trained and coached at many gyms including Effective Kickboxing, Tapout and Prime Time. As a coach, Vic has been very successful with his fighters and has proudly been involved in the development of many successful fighters including Giovanni Dixon, Kane Heron, Amy “The Brickhouse” Reid, Tenor Broach and Lloyd “Teaganala” Reyes.

K1 Kickboxing Academy
K1 Kickboxing Academy located at 4129 Harvester Road, Burlington, Ontario.

Currently, Vic has fighters that are Ontario Boxing Association Golden Gloves champions, and World Kickboxing Federation Provincial and National champions. Vic also has athletes competing in Muaythai Ontario, most notably Evan Gonsalves.

According to Vic, “The ultimate goal of Martial Arts is applying it to everyday life. The longer you train, the stronger you become through personal growth in awareness and discipline. The mental lessons of Martial Arts become more and more pertinent: focus, respect, compassion, and humility.”

Team Canada Head Coach

Vic took on the role of head coach for the Canadian Muaythai team that traveled to Buenos Aires in December 2018. It was one of Canada’s best performances at the Pan Ams to date, taking home 4 gold medals, 3 silver, and 2 bronze, as well as a Silver Medal for overall team performance at the championship. This episode includes Vic’s reflection on his role as coach, and his impressions of each athlete that represented Canada in Argentina.

You can read an article about Vic Costa’s role as the head coach of Team Canada at the 2018 Pan American Championship, where the team received a Silver Medal for team performance. Check out the article HERE.

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