Episode 28: Tiffany van Soest

On Saturday September 30th, 2017, Redemption Muay Thai – www.redemptionmuaythai.com – hosted a seminar with Glory Kickboxing World Champion, Tiffany van Soest. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and pick her brain for 20 minutes. Find out how she believes martial arts can save humanity, and who she wants to fight in MMA. Visit her official site at www.tiffanytimebomb.com

Episode 27: True North Fights Recap

A solo podcast reviewing True North Fights’ inaugural event, hosted in Timmins, Ontario on September 23rd, 2017. Sanctioned by Muaythai Ontario www.muaythaiontario.org / www.truenorthfights.ca. An exciting event featuring Jessie Cronier vs Stefan Dronjak, Terry Lemaire vs Kyle Vivian, and many more outstanding athletes from Ontario and Quebec. Write us at thebloodyballet@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/thebloodyballet

Episode 26: Destiny Fights Recap

Destiny Fight Productions (www.destinyfightproductions.com) brought the action back to Woodbine Casino & Racetrack on September 16th, 2017 with their fifth instalment of high level and high energy Muaythai. On the card was Boxing Works superstar, Jackie Buntan (www.hermosaboxingworks.com). The night was full of great action and support from Ontario Muaythai fans and family. I breakdown the action, fight-by-fight. This is the first of many, and will seek to improve the format and quality of these special edition podcasts in the future.

Episode 25: Jade Osman: Punishment By Proxy

Jade Osman rejoins the podcast to update us on her boxing documentary, Punishment By Proxy (www.punishmentbyproxy.com). Episode 1 of her doc shares the story of Zsolt Daranyi Jr. We talk about females in combat sport, feminism and combat sport, the psychology behind combat, and a lot of other heady stuff. Real talk. Enjoy

Episode 24: Neelan Hordatt

Neelan Hordatt is an accomplished pro MMA fighter, pro Muay Thai fighter, and BJJ player. His new school, The Toronto Striking Academy is opening October 2017. In this episode we talk about the time he spent living and fighting in Thailand, training and fighting for Evolve MMA, PEDs in MMA, and a lot more content. Stay tuned for updates on Neelan’s school, and his return to combat sports. Until his website is live, you can see where he used to live and train at www.evolve-mma.com

Episode 23: Danny Beauclerc

Danny Beauclerc has been practicing mixed martial arts since 1989, before it was fashionable. Skilled in Sambo, Muay Thai, and other martial arts, Danny is the head coach and owner of 6ix MMA in Toronto. He recently coached Melissa Karagianis to her Atomweight championship with King Of The Cage. Visit Danny at www.6ixmma.com

Episode 22: Eric Rocha

Eric Rocha is a pro Muay Thai fighter based out of MAFA in Mississauga, Ontario. He recently won his last bout at Lion Fight 37 with a highlight TKO in the first round. Eric is a very down to earth guy with a killer instinct in the ring. A true ambassador of the sport of Muay Thai. Follow Eric on his Instagram account at @rocheric_ and visit www.martialartsfitnessacademy.ca. Photo courtesy of Puddle Jumper Films Inc.

Episode 21: Henrique Garcez

Henrique Garcez is an MMA fighter with an amateur record of 5-0, and has his brown belt in BJJ from Daniel Jagunco. At 21 years old, Henrique is a force in the MMA world. He makes his professional debut September 2017 in Brazil, and then will be competing in the Brazilian National No Gi competition two weeks later. He is currently in Toronto teaching BJJ at Lanna MMA as he improves his MMA skills with Kru Jordan of Lanna, and former UFC fighter Claude Patrick at the Mississauga Elite Training Center.

Episode 20: Ricky Atkinson

Rick Atkinson might be Toronto’s most famous criminal and boxer, yet you’ve never heard of him. Until now. Rick’s new book “The Life Crimes & Hard Times Of Ricky Atkinson, Leader Of The Dirty Tricks Gang”, is a true story chronicling his life as a young Afro-Metis man growing up in Toronto, his criminal past, his success as a boxer, and his rehabilitation process. It is a story about race, culture, crime, and boxing. He is a fascinating person, with a colourful past. Some of which he shares on this episode,

Episode 19: Master Sylvio Behring

Master Sylvio Behring is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, and coach to many high level BJJ & MMA athletes. He is multi-dimensional, and derives his knowledge of combat from a variety of sources. This is one of the most enjoyed and philosophical conversations of martial arts I’ve had. Master Sylvio was in Toronto for a bi-annual visit to the Matador MMA & BJJ Academy and shared some knowledge with us. Visitwww.sylviobehringbrazilianjiujitsu.com and matadormmacom.ipage.com/matadormma/index.php to learn more. Osssss!

Episode 18: Michael Reid & Kru Jenypher Lanthier

Michael Reid is the Executive Director of Muaythai Ontario. He is one of a few core people who has worked tirelessly to create the premier amateur organization for Muay Thai in the province. Episode 8 guest Kru Jen is the President of Muaythai Ontario, and also one of the key players in the birth and development of MTO. Michael and Jen join us to talk about the recent Provincial Championships, the legalization of Muay Thai in Ontario, the longterm vision for the organization, and the recent Adam Hunter controversy. This is a podcast worth sharing to spread knowledge of what’s in store for fans of Muay Thai in Ontario. Visit www.muaythaiontario.org to learn more, and support our Junior National Team at muaythaicanada.org/national-team/

Episode 17: Socrates Celestial and Jade Osman

Filmmaker Jade Osman and coach Socrates Celestial join us to talk about Jade’s recent documentary, Punishment By Proxy. The film shares the colourful and unique stories of the diverse personalities in Ontario’s boxing community. Coach Socrates is one of the many inspiring stories that are showcased in the film. In this episode, we get a glimpse into the brilliant mind of coach Socrates, and Jade’s passion for sharing the stories of our local boxers. Visit www.punishmentbyproxy.com to stay connected, and www.kombatarts.com.

Episode 16: Andy Tiet

Andy is a true martial arts success story. He quit his 9-5 gig working in auto body to pursue his deep passion for martial arts. He is a fighter, martial arts instructor, filmmaker, and Funk Roberts’ right hand and business partner in www.funkmma.com. Andy has currently finished filming work for Sean Fagan, aka the ‘Muay Thai Guy’, which can be found at www.muay-thai-guy.com. Visit Andy in person at www.evolucaothai.com. You can also visit his social media @nutritionforfighters and @whatswithandy1 on Instagram. Photo courtesy of Cage Concept

Episode 15: Thomas Krogh Jensen

Thomas Krogh Jensen aka ‘Kru T’ has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. He is one of the best and perhaps most underrated Muay Thai coaches in the GTA. You can find Thomas coaching Muay Thai at Xtreme Couture in Etobicoke, and running his own promotion, Diamond Muay Thai with Episode 1 guest Tony Manoharan. He shares some of his coaching philosophy, and his memories of living, training and fighting for the world famous Lanna Kiat Busaba Muay Thai Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Episode 14: Adam Higson

Adam Higson is a former world champion in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and full contact from various organizations like WKA, ISKA and Shoot Boxing to name a few. Known as ‘The Road Warrior’ he is perhaps our most controversial guest so far on the podcast. From Hamilton, Ontario, Adam is very outspoken, and literally pulls no punches. His style of speech is similar to his hard-nosed brand of fighting. One of the original eight people bestowed with the title ‘Kru’ from Ajahn Suchart, he has been in the fight game longer than most, and continues to coach fighters out of Diablo Fitness in Hamilton. Not known for accepting interviews, Adam joins us to talk about his career as a fighter and coach. We barely even scratch the surface with this complex character. Visit www.diablofitness.ca to learn more.

Episode 13: Jen Boffo

Jen Boffo has been involved with Muay Thai for 20 years. She is the founder of SHEspars, an all-female sparring event that is held monthly at various gyms in the GTA. This episode was recorded after a SHEspars event at Lanna MMA with Jen, Kru Jordan, and 3 female athletes who share their Muay Thai stories with us. Please follow SHEspars and support local initiatives like these! www.facebook.com/groups/1704614479765167/

Episode 12: Kru Nick and Dr. Ashley

Kru Nick Bautista & Dr. Ashley Sweeney are the owners of Brampton Muay Thai and the Trinity Health Collective. Kru Nick is the epitome of a martial artist, teacher, and philosopher of Muay Thai. Dr. Ashley is a phenomenal doctor of chiropractic, and has helped world class athletes and martial artists heal their bodies, and return to competing in their respective sports. Visit www.bramptonmuaythai.com to learn more.

Episode 11: Ryan & Tyler McKinnon

Ry & Ty talk about Simon Marcus’ reclamation of the Glory Middleweight Championship in Copenhagen, Twin Dragon’s 45th Anniversary event, Malik ‘Sleepy’ Nelson, Ty’s new role as Lanna MMA’s competition team coach, and Ry’s new role as Muay Instructor at the Mississauga Elite Training Center.
Visit www.lannamma.com and www.mississaugaelite.com for info on both schools.

Episode 10: Professor Jesse Richardson

Professor Jesse Ricardson is a former professional MMA fighter, a black belt under Mestre Sylvio Behring, and the owner of Matador MMA/BJJ Academy & Raro Tattoo in Vaughan, Ontario. He has trained and fought throughout Canada and Brazil. He shares his perspective on the history of MMA in Canada, his time spent in Brazil, and some other great stories. This episode is definitely for all the MMA & BJJ fans out there. Visit www.matadorbjj.com to know more about Jesse and his Academy

Episode 9: Ivan Primorac

Ivan Primorac is a former Muay Thai fighter. He is the longest active member of Lanna MMA, and coaches the competition team alongside co-host Tyler McKinnon. Ivan has fought all over Ontario, the US, and Thailand. In this episode, we break down Destiny 4, one of the best amateur Muay Thai events in Ontario. We also discuss coaching principles, his memories of competing in Muay Thai, and the importance of dancing when it comes to fighting.

Episode 8: Kru Jenypher Lanthier

Kru Jen is a former Muay Thai fighter, writer, the owner and head coach of York Muay Thai, and the president of Muay Thai Ontario. To say she’s busy is an understatement. A pioneer for women’s Muay Thai in North America, she made time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about MTO, the future of Muay Thai as an amateur sport, and her own experiences as a fighter and coach.

Episode 7: Tyler McKinnon

Tyler has trained and competed in Muay Thai since 2009. He has learned from some of Ontario’s best fighters, and traveled to Thailand to hone his craft. Considered one of the hardest working pad holders in Toronto, he is now part of the competition team coaching staff at Lanna MMA. In this episode, Ty joins Ryan and the Bloody Ballet’s producer, Mark Manoharan to talk about his journey in Muay Thai, his secret weapon for cardio & footwork, and more. It’s a very funny episode.

Episode 6: Funk Roberts

Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete, author, and fitness expert. He has dedicated much of his life and work to helping athletes, especially fighters, condition their bodies so that they’re in peak shape on game day. His list of accomplishments are numerous. You can visit him at www.funkmma.com and @funkmma all over the internet.

Episode 5: Favio Monico Galo

Favio Monico Galo is a rising star in the boxing world. He competed in amateur kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA before turning to boxing. He tells us why branding yourself in the fight game is as important as winning fights. He has his sights set on big things in his career, and lots of important information to share with younger fighters.

Episode 4: Drs. Marco and Paolo De Ciantis

Drs. Paolo and Marco De Ciantis are the owners and head therapists of the Sports Specialist Rehab Center in Toronto, Ontario. Their clinic helps athletes regain optimal health and performance for the sports they love. We discuss the myths in “Bro Science”, concussions, the problems associated with overtraining, and how to treat or prevent injuries. Visit their site at www.sportsrehabto.com

Episode 3: Dave Mirabelli

Dave is the head youth instructor at Lanna MMA. He has over 15+ years of martial arts experience and is an educator in the school system. His insight into teaching martial arts to kids is one of a kind.

Episode 2: Jordan Kravitz

Owner and head coach of Lanna MMA joins us for our debut episode of The Bloody Ballet podcast! Jordan shares his personal story about how he discovered martial arts, his new role as a gym owner, and the responsibilities of being a Kru.

Episode 1: Tony Manoharan

Former professional Muay Thai fighter and coach Tony Manoharan joins us for our debut episode of The Bloody Ballet podcast! Tony has spent the majority of his adult life travelling the world, learning from the best fighters and coaches in the world. We discuss Tony’s recent seminar at Lanna MMA, why he likes Australian and UK Muay Thai, his experience fighting for John Wayne Parr’s Caged Muay Thai in Australia, and the emergence of Muay Thai Ontario as an amateur organization.