Robin Black One of Many Who Were Recently Let Go From The Fight Network

Last night I was in and out of appointments downtown when I received a text from my producer, Mark Manoharan stating that The Fight Network had let go of Robin Black. Robin’s Facebook profile confirmed this unbelievable news for me. Always the consummate professional, Robin wrote that after 8 years of analyzing martial arts and breaking down fights, he was now a free agent, phone in hand, waiting for it to ring. It was an absolute to shock to me. If Robin Black’s job isn’t safe, whose is? What is happening to the landscape of martial arts when it comes to television and broadcasting?

I am writing this post primarily to share my disappointment regarding the recent layoffs at The Fight Network, most notably, Robin Black. I know that budget cuts and layoffs are a necessary cost of doing business, but how do you let go of your top analyst who has worked tirelessly to provide viewers with some of the best content in MMA news? Although I am unaware of the state of affairs at the station, I can’t envision a foreseeable future at The Fight Network without the likes of Mr. Black.

Robin has been a staple in my life when it comes to MMA analysis and commentary. He represented himself and promoted The Fight Network like a true ambassador when he went on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I watch everything Robin does. He is a major inspiration behind what I do in relation to martial arts in Ontario. He is a special talent in the world of martial arts.

He is a fine representative of MMA from Toronto to the world. His breakdowns are pinpoint accurate. Above all, he is a genuine personality in a sports media world that is characterized by a specific ‘status quo’. As consumers, we are usually force fed the news by a bunch of ‘suits’ who don’t fully understand or embrace the sacrifices and hard work our athletes undergo to entertain us and inspire us. Robin walked the walk as an MMA fighter. He knows martial arts intimately, more than most.

We at The Bloody Ballet believe that something greater is waiting for Robin Black. He is too talented and too unique not to land on his feet. He is a fighter. It is more of a loss to The Fight Network than it is for Robin. We will continue to follow this story. Bigger and better things are definitely on the horizon for Mr. Black.

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts about this story in the comments section, or write us at If you want to share your feelings and opinions about the recent news with The Fight Network directly, you can email the staff here. I have included a list of notable people to contact. Please let them know how this news effects you.

Anthony Cicione, General Manager
Chad Midgley, VP Programming & Production
Ariel Shnerer, Programming Manager
Steve Duncan, Creative Director



  1. Funk

    Very sad day in the land of MMA! I know Robin will be back stronger than ever! UFC?????

  2. Funk

    Very sad day in the land of MMA! I know Robin will be back stronger than ever! UFC?????

    1. Ryan McKinnon

      Let’s hope so! He would be a great fit for the organization

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