SHEfights II Excites & Delights

SHEfights II Excites & Delights

SHEfights II Excites & Delights

SHEfights II Excites and Entertains Fans From Ontario and Around The World

SHEfights II Excites & Delights sponsors
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SHEfights II InFightStyle fighter shorts
SHEfights II InFightStyle fighter shorts
SHEfights II Rules Meeting
SHEfights II Rules Meeting

SHEfights II Excites & Delights

Forget the Toronto International Film Festival and forget Canelo vs GGG II. The real action was inside the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center on Saturday September 15th, 2018. Backforwardkick Productions and Diamond Promotions set a new standard in amateur Muaythai promotion when they proudly presented SHEfights II to a sold out crowd.
Muaythai for Women

The role of women in Muaythai’s history was previously characterized as being exclusionary. First, women were not allowed to be near the ring because they were seen as ‘bad luck.’ Once women were accepted into the sport, they had to slide under the bottom rope to enter the ring.

Fast forward beyond those dark ages, and we have a time where the adjectives used to describe women who compete in combat sports are on either end of a derogatory spectrum. Either people think it’s ‘cute’ that a girl would want to box, or they’re ‘butchy’ and ‘masculine’ for taking part in a sport that has largely been relegated to males. Women have had to battle not only each other, but the negative stereotypes that are assigned to them for wishing to embrace a biological urge to test their wills against an opponent in combat. This urge is gender neutral, and cannot be denied.

While significant strides have been made since then, nothing has had an impact on the sport of Muaythai like the SHEfights promotion.

SHEfights has deep meaning to the role of women in the sport and it’s continued evolution. SHEfights II delivered a world class fight card that rivals any professional event to fans from Ontario and the world. The event put an exclamation mark on the argument that an all-female card offers as much, if not more, excitement to fans than a predominantly male show. It shattered all notions that female nak muay can’t do what men do. Basically, a ‘nak muay’ is a ‘nak muay’ no matter the gender.


The event as a whole was celebrated by the Ontario Muaythai community on Saturday. It was a real ‘love fest’. Total strangers engaged one another in fight talk, and shared in a mutual excitement to be part of a fight card of the highest caliber. The twitch stream had close to 400 viewers throughout the evening from all over Canada, the United States and Australia. It was evidence that the SHEfights card was an international success.

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Of course what made the night a true success wasn’t the theater screen with video replay, the awesome live music, or the ambience of the venue. It was the fighters who put their bodies on the line to entertain and inspire the fans.

Each fight came with it’s own back story and narrative. From the earlier ‘C’ class bouts, all the way until the final match between the tournament semi-final winners, every matcup had it’s own level of excitement. Fans from all over Canada exploded in a union of screams and cheers to let their local heroes know that they had the love and support of the Muaythai community.

Full Results

Stay tuned for episode 50 of The Bloody Ballet Podcast, reviewing the show, and offering analysis of the fights. Below are the results of each bout

  1. Isabella Filipazzo (M1 Thaiboxing) vs Haley Demchuck (Elite Muaythai Calgary) Winner: Haley Demchuck by Split Decision
  2. Tournament Semi-Final #1 Vanessa de Belen (Kombat Arts) vs Jackie Buntan (Boxing Works) Winner: Jackie Buntan by Unanimous Decision
  3. Tournament Semi-Final #2 Meaghan Cameron (Elite Muaythai Calgary) vs Taylor McClatche (New Era Combat Sports) Winner: Taylor McClatchie by Unanimous Decision
  4. Anita Dulluku (Southside Muaythai) vs Sarah Tordjman (Daosawan Muaythai) Winner : Sarah Tordjman by Unanimous Decision
  5. Wendy Rorong (6ix MMA) vs Erica Mach (Old School Muaythai) Winner: Erica Mach by Unanimous Decision
  6. Christina Bigby (Lion Combat Academy) vs Amelie Charchrand (Daosawan Muaythai) Winner: Christina Bigby by Unanimous Decision
  7. Aisha Iftikhar (Lanna MMA) vs Betelehem Teshale (Krudar Muaythai) Winner: Aisha Iftikhar by Unanimous Decision
  8. Carmen Nguyen (York Muaythai) vs Kassie Hahn (Elite Muaythai Calgary) Winner: Carmen Nguyen by Unanimous Decision
  9. Miranda Burrell (Warrior Muaythai) vs Tina Foster (Elite Muaythai Calgary) Winner: Miranda Burrell by Unanimous Decision
  10. Tiffany Cass (Diamond Muaythai) vs Ashley Addie (Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts) Winner: Tiffany Cass by Unanimous Decision
  11. Amy Reid (Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts) vs Janet Todd (Boxing Works) Winner: Janet Todd by Referee Stoppage due to Injury in Round 2
  12. Jasmine Parr (Boonchu Gym) vs Nicole Fernandez (Double Dose Muaythai) Winner: Nicole Fernandez by Unanimous Decision
  13. Tournament Final Jackie Buntan vs Taylor McClatchie Winner: Jackie Buntan by Unanimous Decision

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