SHEfights II Vanessa de Belen

SHEfights II 4-Woman Tournament: Vanessa de Belen

SHEfights II 4-Woman Tournament: Vanessa de Belen

SHEfights II Vanessa de Belen
SHEfights II Vanessa de Belen

Vanessa de Belen

With a 5-7 amateur record, some people might see Vanessa as the underdog coming into the SHEfights II 4-woman tournament. While she may not have the fight record or international experience of her 3 competitors, Vanessa possesses a formidable skill set that will push her opponents to their absolute limit when they meet in the ring on September 15th. If anyone thinks getting Vanessa is the easier fight, they’re not seeing the whole picture. Taking her lightly will prove costly.

Training out of Kombat Arts in Mississauga, Ontario, Vanessa makes a 1 hour drive each way for training everyday. Her ‘anyone, anywhere, anytime’ approach to fighting proves that she belongs in the tournament, and has the characteristics of a true nak muay. There is no shortage of grit and intensity from her, which are skills that are hard to develop in a fighter.

As the sole representative of the GTA, Vanessa will have the support of the entire local Muaythai on Saturday night. Many of her fans and supporters are excited to watch her throw down against the toughest competition in her career. No matter the outcome, one thing is for sure, people will be talking about Vanessa’s performance on Sunday.

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