SHEfights II 4 Woman Tournament

SHEfights II 4-Woman Tournament: Meaghan Cameron

shefights ii 4-woman tournament: Meaghan Cameron

In just one week, SHEfights II will host a 4-woman tournament featuring Meaghan Cameron. Like one of her role models Candice Mitchell, Meaghan’s Muaythai journey began in her 30’s. Since the start of her career as an amateur nak muay, Meaghan has amassed some very impressive achievements. With a record of 12-6, Meaghan earned gold at the 2015 IKF Championships, and silver at the 2016 IKF & WKA Championships. Her 2017 win at the Muaythai Canada National Championships secured her spot on Team Canada, who competed at the IFMA World Championships in Cancun earlier this year.


Meaghan Cameron
Meaghan Cameron from Calgary will be competing in the SHEfights II 4-woman tournament on Saturday September 15, 2018.

Meaghan Cameron

Throughout Meaghan’s journey, she has been looking for a school to call her own. Recently she found one at Elite Martial Arts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She and her boyfriend Scott MacKenzie are poised to continue making big waves in the Canadian & International Muaythai communities under the guidance of Francois Duval and former World Champion Kieran Keddle, who has made the move from his home at the famed in the UK to join Elite as their new Muaythai coach.

Below is a great interview with Meaghan after her 2017 Muaythai Canada National Championship win.

Meaghan enters the 4-woman tournament as a fan favourite. There’s a chance she may be competing against her Team Canada teammate, Taylor McClatchie that evening. Regardless of who she gets matched up with, Meaghan believes that she has the necessary experience and skill to capture the tournament win on September 15th at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto.

You can listen to our Press Conference Podcast with Meaghan and her opponents here:

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 47: SHEfights II 4-Woman Tournament Press Conference

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