Tony Manoharan

Podcast Episode 1 – Tony Manoharan

Former professional Muay Thai fighter and coach Tony Manoharan joins us for our debut episode of The Bloody Ballet podcast! Tony has spent the majority of his adult life travelling the world, learning from the best fighters and coaches in the world. We discuss Tony’s recent seminar at Lanna MMA, why he likes Australian and UK Muay Thai, his experience fighting for John Wayne Parr’s Caged Muay Thai in Australia, and the emergence of Muay Thai Ontario as an amateur organization.

I met Tony Manoharan through Ivan Primorac. From the day I met Tony, we became instant friends. He personifies the word ‘likeable’. Tony is one of the greatest ambassadors of Canadian Muay Thai our country has. You can read about Tony’s seminar at Lanna MMA here


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