Svetlana Vinnikova RUS vote for Athlete of the Year 2018 muaythai

Vote for Svetlana Vinnikova

Vote Svetlana Vinnikova as the International World Games Assocation’s Athlete of The Year for 2018
Svetlana Vinnikova RUS vote for Athlete of the Year 2018 muaythai
Svetlana Vinnikova RUS vote for Athlete of the Year 2018 muaythai


For the month of January, the International World Games Association has opened voting to the world to choose their Athlete of the Year for 2018. These are athletes from sports which are currently not being represented in the Olympics. This year, Svetlana Vinnikova of Russia has been nominated for Muaythai. As of January 20th, 2019, Svetlana is fourth in voting behind gymnastics, powerlifting, and kickboxing.

Support Muaythai Everywhere!

As a global muaythai community, we should support our fellow athletes in moments like these. Svetlana has made tremendous contributions to the sport of muaythai as a national champion, 2017 IWGA champion at 60kg, European champion, and 2x IFMA champion at 63.5kg, amongst many other accolades. Her twin sister Ekaterina also competes in muaythai, fighting for Kunlun Fight. Your vote isn’t just for her, it is for the sport itself. Voting increases public demand for the sport, and it says, “I support Muaythai!”

Svetlana is an impressive ambassador of the sport to the world, working exclusively with female athletes. In Svetlana’s own words, she says: “I can’t imagine myself without Muaythai. My twin sister also competes, and we are so lucky to have this sport together. Muaythai is a sport where you are always improving, educating and progressing in your understanding. Because of that I’m always motivated to rise above myself, that’s very important for any fighter.”

How to Vote

Voting is easy, just follow this LINK to the IWGA website, where you will see a list of the available options. Find Svetlana’s name, and hit the vote button. You will be asked to register your email, which increases your voting power by 2x. You can vote once every 24 hours. Voting closes on the 31st of the month, so vote as many times as you can until it closes.

You can learn more about Svetlana by following her on INSTAGRAM

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