SHEfights II Tony Manoharan and JWP

The Bloody Ballet Podcast Episode 48: SHEfights II Promo with Tony Manoharan

Diamond Muay Thai
Tony’s school, Diamond Muay Thai

Episode 1 guest Tony Manoharan rejoins the show to talk about SHEfights II. He has shifted gears smoothly from being a former pro fighter, into the roles of gym owner ( now co-promoter of SHEfights with Also, Tony shares important dates regarding the John Wayne Parr seminars hosted by Muaythai clubs in Ontario and Quebec this September.


Michael Reid, Back Forward Kick Productions
Michael Reid, Back Forward Kick Productions

Taylor McClatchie starts off a series of feature articles about each athlete competing in the 4-woman tournament. Until then, have a listen to one of our more popular interviews, Episode 46 with Rich Pham here.


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