Tiffany van Soest seminar at Redemption Muay Thai

Tiffany van Soest Interview – The Bloody Ballet – Redemption Muay Thai

20 Minutes With The ‘Time Bomb’: The Bloody Ballet Meets Tiffany van Soest

By Ryan McKinnon
Time Bomb Graphic. Created by Michel Levesque of
Time Bomb Graphic. Created by Michel Levesque of
The Bloody Ballet Graphic. Created by Michel Levesque of
The Bloody Ballet Graphic. Created by Michel Levesque of

Redemption Muay Thai in Bowmanville, Ontario played host to a very special seminar on September 30th, 2017 with current Glory Super Bantamweight Champion, the ‘Time Bomb’ Tiffany van Soest. Her list of awards & accomplishments are numerous. What makes Tiffany truly special is her relentless pursuit of excellence in everything she does. There are few people who work as hard as her. This was her second visit to Canada, her first was in August 2015 for her first seminar at Redemption. Tiffany spent over 5 hours at Redemption sharing her specialized knowledge with the group of exuberant students and fans.

After a very engaging Q & A session with the group I sat down with Tiffany for a 20 minute podcast. It was a very memorable experience, sitting with an elite level athlete who lives amongst the 1% of people who get to do what they truly love and share that love with people around the world. 


Here I was sitting across from greatness. A legend in the making. Tiffany has a very intense glare, yet she is warm and very empathetic. She believes in ‘Team Human’ and claims that martial arts is a vehicle that can save the world. She is strong and sincere, funny and fierce. She can balance being an exceptional human being outside the ring with being a ruthless warrior within it. She does this with a measure of grace that few fighters can manage. More of my reflection on meeting this world class champion will be part of the introduction to the podcast. 


Our 20 minute interview with Tiffany van Soest can be found on our site this Wednesday. Here are some of the things you can look forward to finding out. Listen to the episode here: Podcast Episode 28: Tiffany van Soest

  • Will we see Tiffany compete in the 2024 Olympic Games?
  • How she thinks martial arts can save humanity
  • Who she calls out to fight (hint: a famous UFC champion)
  • What’s next in her career.
  • Who are her favourite fighters of all time?
  • Her reflection on the seminar at Redemption Muay Thai
Tiffany 'Time Bomb' van Soest doing Q & A with fans
Tiffany ‘Time Bomb’ van Soest doing Q & A with fans

The Bloody Ballet wants to thank Kru Steve Lee of Redemption Muay Thai for welcoming us into his phenomenal facility to record this interview. Please visit Redemption Muay Thai to check out this world class facility that is building some of the best Muay Thai talent in Ontario.

We also want to thank Dalyce Robinson and Kru Darian Carrington for connecting us with Tiffany.

Thank you to our friend Michel Levesque, an outstanding graphic artist from Calgary who helped design tank tops that we gave to Tiffany to say thanks. Visit him online here: Lastly we owe a big thank you to the champ Tiffany van Soest for making herself available. It was truly an honour. We look forward to your return to Canada. All the best in your upcoming fight on December 1st!! Visit her official website here Tiffany Time Bomb van Soest 

Some of the photos are courtesy of the Redemption Muay Thai Facebook Page


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